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November 28, 2010, a meeting, the starting point.
It is about 17:00, Edouard Guêt (Ivorian living in Aix-les-Bains) happens by chance at Bruno Arts (French living near Annecy), in a corner of Haute-Savoie, lakes and mountains.
Guitars, jam, feeling, Black & White, √4 (root of 4) is borne.

Saturday, December 11, the first sound recording. First line of work. first song : Ossobala.

Bruno Arts is impregnated with the spirit of Edouard Guêt's music, he composed counterpoint that fits naturally into the song. The musical spirit of √4 is here.

Like the "Glimmer Twins" (Mick Jagger & Keith Richards), Edouard Guêt & Bruno Arts wrote and composed the songs together. Edouard Guêt provides the basic rhythm and singing and Bruno Arts adds riffs, gimmicks, refrains, counterpoints,…

Also a writer / poet, Bruno Arts also brings a final touch to the spirit of French texts of Edouard Guêt.

The spirit of √4, is the meeting of two musicians who play their heart music without intellectualizing, within the feeling of the moment in perfect harmony and complementarity. This is also the meeting of two cultures, that of Africa and Ivory Coast with that of Europe and France.

Surrounded by experienced musicians, even virtuosos, recognized on the local scene (Eric Bailles - bass, Lionel Boyron - drums / percussion) or national (William Garcin - violin), a little over a year later, the group book "Sugar Bonbon" his first album.

Band name meaning

√4 = 2

2 - The square root of 4 is 2, the group consists of a core of two musicians / songwriters / performers. They work together on the composition and song writing.

4 - On stage, the configuration is 4. The band thus surrounds at least a bassist and a drummer / percussionist.

√ - Musically, the band works a mixed music for Edouard Guêt & Bruno Arts and draw their inspiration from their respective roots.

Racine de 4