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Clement Rocha (Etats-Unis) a écrit le | wrote on 15/05/2012 à 12:32   

Ya hooo!!! ossobala is a great song, Guys I believe you are great at gigs too...do you have any U.S. tour dates this summer, im going on my vacation there. Hope to see you in concert!

Sebastian (Etats-Unis) a écrit le | wrote on 14/05/2012 à 06:25   

Hello My Dear friends. I love your songs and spread your music to my firends.

Barbara Servizzi (Etats-Unis) a écrit le | wrote on 14/05/2012 à 00:08   

i love your tune "Sugar Bonbon" my favorite ;) cheers

Kristin M (Etats-Unis) a écrit le | wrote on 13/05/2012 à 16:03   

Hi, I love your music! You are simply fantastic! U guys make great music!


Jason rouvel (Etats-Unis) a écrit le | wrote on 23/04/2012 à 12:24   

Guys, you make epic songs. Ossobala I like this one the most! I came across you guys from numberone......an ocean of admiration for you

David (Etats-Unis) a écrit le | wrote on 22/04/2012 à 12:02   

Hey, Your music can make me die. vocals, all instrumental and percussion,
you pulled this together so well, I am listening to Ossobala.
I have goose bumps it so intense.
very very stunning band. please write more

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