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Adolfo Bennarivo (Etats-Unis) a écrit le | wrote on 20/04/2012 à 02:24   

Hey!!!!!!! I'm so glad to discover your amazing music...plz keep in touch for any updates and if any free downloads available ;)))

Cyrus Key (Etats-Unis) a écrit le | wrote on 19/04/2012 à 22:02   

Wow soul temate cool track, Much respect for your fine artistry
I'll spread the word about you and your music!
You've got my 100% support!!!!!

Duncan cabrera (Etats-Unis) a écrit le | wrote on 19/04/2012 à 14:02   

Love your sound wonderful and fantastic thanks a new fan
I'm on the run right now but I will def search for you on facebook!

Francine Ovios (Etats-Unis) a écrit le | wrote on 19/04/2012 à 08:31   

Hello may I ask you? Is your song OSSOBALA on itunes? please send me your reply.

AUTHENTIC (Etats-Unis) a écrit le | wrote on 19/04/2012 à 02:24   

HI! you guys are seriously kicking!!! Have a great day!

Idrissa (France) a écrit le | wrote on 04/03/2012 à 21:48   

Je viens d'écouter la chanson, vraiment c'est GENIAL, je m'empresse d'aller l'acheter à la Fnac, vraiment continu comme ça, ne change rien. A bientôt sur scène ....

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